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So yesterday I received an email inviting me to join Bondswell and be an early “Bonder”.  I’m not even going to lie… I’ve never heard of Bondswell.  Have you?  Are you on Bondswell?  Do you like Bondswell?  Let me know in the comments section.

Anyway, I see that they are new, so I really couldn’t find anything out about their site.  Honestly, I am just wondering what the perk would be to joining another site.  Especially if it is similar to WordPress.  I have attempted to branch out from my main blog before to other websites.  It never ends well.  I always come back home (to The Daily Blabber, where ever she may be).  So I am not sure if I will take them up on their offer, however if any of y’all out there are “Bonders” let me know if you feel it could be a good opportunity…

Okay, so that is all for today.  This is the first day of my summer break.  I’m off until the 3rd of July.  So I am about to go lay down with my iPad and catch up on my YouTube subscriptions.  I’m about a week or so behind.  My grades should be posted by Thursday, so I’ll be back and let you know how I did.  Honestly though, I’m not expecting any surprises.  And you’re probably tired of hearing me talk about school and my grades.  Especially since my grades are typically all the same.

Y’all have a great day!  Don’t forget to comment!



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