Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love You, Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the last day of school (for my son) I am so excited! (and I just can’t hide it!)  I love my baby, and unlike most Moms, I’ve always enjoyed having him around during the summer months.  My son and I share a similar personality.  Even when I wanted to shake the shit out of him, he could find a way to make me laugh.  Plus no school means no more 6am wake ups.  At least for a couple of months.  Next week I am not leaving my apartment.  Don’t ask! (okay I might have to leave, but I won’t be happy about it lol)

My tomatoes had to be pruned, so they are 2 branches smaller today.  I had no choice, It’s a monster, and it is taking over the balcony.  The remaining branches are being tethered by a web of tomato stakes and bungee cords.  It’s a very interesting thing to see, sorry though, it’s hot out and I am not going back out there to take a photo of the tomatoes.  I will go back out there tonight to water them and that is about it.

One more day…

One more day…

I can’t wait!

I still have my history paper to write and my science paper to finish.  I will probably finish it tonight and turn it in.  We’ll see.  I am waiting for my professor to email me back.  I am getting the feeling that that might not happen.  *sigh*  It’s not due until Monday, but honestly I would like to be finished with both so I can have a few extra days off between terms.  Anyway…

I am going to wrap this up.  Not a whole lot else going on.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.  Stay cool everyone!  BFN!


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2 thoughts on “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love You, Tomorrow!

  1. Summer vacation. I remember those days! My granddaughter went home from the hospital today. Sam and Josh have no idea what’s in front of them. Such an adventure to come!!

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