Natural Hair Update

It’s that time people… It’s time for me to go out and find a stylist to trim my ragged ends (see how bad they’ve gotten in that first photo).  I had my hair in a wash and go yesterday, but today it is washed, dried (via banding), and flat ironed.  My ends are overdue a trim.  This is how my hair looks now, in both states.


I still prefer it curly… that is mostly because of vloggers like MahoganyCurls.  Her wash and go series has helped me so much it’s ridiculous.

I have lightened my load of products with my favorite co-wash now being Ouidad.  It’s got a light foam to it and it appeases my need for shampoo.  I still make homemade shea butter and homemade coconut whip, however I’ve added a new deep conditioner.  I didn’t like Mixed Chicks the last time I went natural, however now that I know better how to deal with my hair, I have started to add their products back to my hair regime.  The Mixed Chicks Detangling Deep Conditioner is amazing.  I use it after the Ouidad like a normal conditioner, unless my hair has gotten dry in which case I will use in conjunction with a hot oil treatment using coconut, castor, and jojoba oils.

I have discovered that less is more when it comes to styling products, especially since I like my big, puffy, semi frizzy hair, so I use just enough Shea Moisture Curling Smoothie to coat my hair from roots to tips leaving very little “extra” behind.  The whole process (wash to done) is taking me about 40 minutes now.  So I am getting more efficient all around.

That photo at the bottom with my hair in it’s natural state is day 2 hair.  By day 4 I’m in love with how big it has gotten and a little upset that I need to wash again.  I have stretched it out to day 6 hair before I washed and started over though.

Shrinkage is a beast.  I’ve seen worse, so I won’t complain… too much lol.  Thanks to MahoganyCurls I know how to do my wash and go’s while minimizing my shrinkage.  The key was in not using my Denman Brush during the styling process.  I use it in the shower as a last step before stepping out of the shower.  Plus I love how it scratches my scalp.  Then I “rake” the products through using only my fingers.  I’m in love with the way it comes out.  However, now I need a good trim, my hair has gotten a little ragged, as I previously stated.

So, wish me luck!  Hopefully I chose well and they won’t chop off all my hair when all I really need is a trim.

Ohh, before I forget, I measured my hair growth.  The top has always been the fastest growing and it is 15 1/2″.  The back (at the bottom) that used to be the longest is now 13″.  Not bad for 27 months worth of growth.  I can see either a lot of breakage or a lot of new growth in the back on the bottom too.  Not sure what happened there, probably my product experimentation getting the best of my hair.  Anyway… I never understood why naturals measure their hair until I measured mines and saw the progress.  Not bad… not bad at all.  Now how long will I let it get before it starts to bug me?  That is the question.

Got things to do… Have a great day everyone!  BFN!


I went and got my ends trimmed… I gotta say, it feels better already.  The lady that did my hair listened to me and only trimmed off what was necessary.  Jagged, ragged no more, my hair looks and feels so much better.


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4 thoughts on “Natural Hair Update

  1. Where’s the pic of the new do with the trimmed ends?? My hair from wash to dry and styled could be done in about 20-25 minutes. And you’ve seen how short mine is!!!


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