School Update

This term I am taking Modern American History, Introduction to the Sciences, and a Science and Technology lab course.  This is week 2 of 5 1/2. Most of my first weeks grades are in but so far I am doing pretty good.  I currently have a 98% in History, a 100% in Science and I have a 100% in the lab course.  I am waiting for my individual from Science to be graded.  That professor promised to have the grades to us by Friday.

I have had interaction with all three of my professors.  My Science lab professor is pretty cool, I like him. My science professor on the other hand comes off as lazy.  She apparently had a real issue with the live lessons and even though we have a one hour block for class twice a week, she only teaches for about 30 minutes and then she is ready to bolt.  My history professor don’t play.  He answers email and grades assignments as soon as you turn them in.  I was so shocked.  I emailed him and didn’t expect to hear back until at least the next day.  He emailed me back in like 10 minutes.  Same deal with my assignment.  I turned it in the day before the due date and he was all over it.

Otherwise everything is going well.  I’m a little thrown off by the fact that yesterday was Monday and not today lol.  I am also nursing another headache.  Damn I miss my beta blockers.  I’ve been taking a lot of pain meds trying to stay on top of these headaches.  Where my two doses of beta blockers a day used to be enough to keep them under control.  Anyway…

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and has a great week.  I am going to watch a bit of tv then it’s off to pick Dre up from school  Have a great day everyone!


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One thought on “School Update

  1. You are doing so well in school!! Totally awesome!! I knew it was Tuesday. Yesterday was just another day for me. Haha


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