8 Years Ago Today

This morning I received an email from This Life, it’s a photo storing website run by Shutterfly.  They sent me 5 photos that I took 8 years ago today.  I think the dates might be off on a couple of these, but I do remember taking these photos.

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 9.55.59 AM

That top photo is one of Andre and Zoie.  My babies.  Zoie was laying on her back on the floor and Andre was mimicking her.  I caught her just as she decided to take a swing at him lol.  I swear she thought she was human lol.

The next two photos I think I took on my birthday, maybe I didn’t load them up right away and the date got skewed.  This was the year that my sister and I had that big blowup over her taking my son away from the house when I had explicitly asked her not to.  She showed up unannounced that year during the Easter holiday.  We were renovating parts of the house and didn’t even have a useful kitchen that week.  I’ll never forget it.  The downstairs area was being tiled, as were the kitchen, and all 3 bathrooms.  We did have one bathroom that we could use because our contractor came in and did it first then came back and did the rest.  My sister had asked about coming down and we told her not to because the house was a mess, tile dust, furniture, and appliances everywhere but where they belonged.  There was a refrigerator in my living room people lol.  Anyway…

She came with her brood while the contractors were there working one day and while we were downstairs surveying the tile work that was done she yelled down to ask if she could take Andre with her out to eat.  I said no, because we were heading out a little later and we wanted to take him with us.  We had errands to run.  She took him anyway, didn’t say boo about it.  Just said okay well we are headed out and she left.  I called up to tell Andre to walk around the house and come down where we were (that was the only way to get downstairs because the front half of the tile and just been done that day) and he didn’t answer.  I went out and around the house and back in the front door and called for him, looked for him, he wasn’t there.  I called my sister and she wouldn’t answer her phone.

Now I know she wouldn’t hurt him, but I was burned by the fact that she blatantly disregarded my wishes and took my son with her without my permission.  She finally showed up many hours later and we had one of the worst fights we’ve ever had.  I stopped speaking to her for a while.  This card was sent to me just before my birthday.  I didn’t open it until my birthday and even then I only opened it for the blog.  So that is why those two photos are there.

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 10.21.12 AM

These last two photos were taken of my front flowerbed by the front door.  I loved my lavender so much.  I didn’t mind that there were always a swarm of bees along the walkway.  If you didn’t bother them, they didn’t bother you.  With declining bee numbers, even back then, I was happy to see the activity.  If you want to see larger photos of these last two, just ask and I’ll look back in the “archives” and dig them out for you.  I’m almost positive they are somewhere in iPhoto, if not then they are on my hard drive.

Okay so that is all… thanks for taking this walk with me down memory lane.  I hate that they weren’t all good memories, but that is life.  You take what you get.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far.  I’m off to write a paper, so… BFN!


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