Orchids Part II


As promised here I am with another installment of orchids from the Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory.  This is my last group of photos, I managed to squeeze them all in.

I’ve never seen such beautiful flowers.  It makes me wish I could grow orchids.  However, I know they tend to be a little high maintenance and I can barely keep my peace lily alive lol.  BTW, the tips of the leaves of my lily have all turned brown and it has stopped blooming, is there someone out there that can tell me what I’m doing wrong or what it needs?  I have had this plant since my Grandmother’s funeral and I can’t let it die.


Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed my two-part series on the Orchids of Rawlings Conservatory.  If I go back, and I’m sure I will, I’ll be sure to post the new photos.  Don’t forget to post a comment below to let me know what you thought.  Have a great day everyone!

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I'm a Mother, a Military Wife, a Blogger, and an Amateur Photographer. I may wear many hats, but deep down I'm still me. If you need to contact me do so at: Sunshine@SunshinesSnapshots.com

3 thoughts on “Orchids Part II

  1. The orchids are beautiful! My mom use to grow them years ago. I have a fake fern in my house. That’s as far as my plant skills go!

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