Cylburn Mansion

DSC_0115Jessie Tyson had Cylburn Mansion built in Baltimore, and it was completed by 1868.  Then it was used as his summer home, but now it is used by the Cylburn Arboretum Association and Baltimore City Recreation and Parks, Horticultural Division.

DSC_0100Size wise, it is a very impressive building and there is very little evidence that it is full of city employees lol.  Probably because they rent out the first floor to the public, and no one wants a random city employee showing up at the event.  Anyway…

Cylburn Arboretum is a beautiful place.  I felt like I walked it in like 15 minutes though.  Yes really, I went there thinking… 207 acres, this will be a nice.  I can get my exercise and take lots of photos while I am at it.  It isn’t really 207 acres… well technically it is.  But They have a small part of that 207 acres separated out into gardens.  The rest is just green green grass and trees.  You can cut through some of the trees to find hidden gems, but I wasn’t dressed to be trudging through the woods.  I did tip off the trails a bit, but that stopped when I walked into something that set off my allergies.

DSC_0151It is one of those places so well maintained and thought out that when you do happen upon a weed that you can still find beauty in it.. isn’t this a pretty little weed?  I found it off trail by the maintenance shed lol.

Going in the spring has its advantages.  You can take in the early bloomers and you can also see the garden prep for Summer and Fall.

Will I go back?  Probably if nothing else, I’ll go to see what the gardens offer in other seasons.

Have a great day everyone… see you back here tomorrow!


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