The Week of Me

DSC_0087We have officially entered the week of me.  My birthday is Sunday.  I am hating every minute of it.  Why you ask?  Because I have school, and I am not free to roam the planet like I’d like to be.  But the main reason is, because my sister is coming.  😦  I am not pleased.  Especially since she feels entitled to my undivided attention.  When I said I have a paper due that was worth 25% of my grade and that I hadn’t planned to break my routine, even if it were my birthday.  Her response was “send your teacher an email and tell him you are spending time with your sister for your birthday”.  Really?  Even if I wanted to do that I wouldn’t.  My education isn’t important to her but it is to me.

Now, that said, I will try to work on my paper more throughout the week this week so that I can enjoy her visit (a little) while she is here.  However, I find even if I do the research throughout the week, which I normally do, I don’t write my paper until Saturday or Sunday.  It’s just how I do things.  I did the same thing at my last school.  It works for me.  So I am not promising that paper will get written early, I’m just saying I’ll put forth more effort to make it happen.  Probably lol :).

Sister aside, I am looking forward to my birthday.  I feel better about it this year than most years.  Even if I am hitting the big TWO – NINE :|.  I have no idea what I’d want to do or how I’d want to spend my birthday week, but I do know I’d be a bit happier if I didn’t have school to contend with at least.

Last week of class!

As I’ve mentioned before I am have gone from taking 12 week classes to 5 week classes.  I only took one class this term to get a feel for the flow of it.  It is a LOT of work to smoosh into 5 weeks.  14 chapters, 630 pages of reading, the papers aren’t that bad, the research is the killer.  I currently stand on an A- (93.4%).  I am holding on to it by the skin of my nails I tell ya.  I have a paper that I have to do for the discussion board due by Wednesday.  I haven’t looked at the talking points yet.  I have my paper that is due on Monday, but I always turn in on Sunday night.  I have glanced at that to know it is about Information System Security and the Systems Development Life Cycle, but I don’t know the exact talking points yet.  Almost over guys!

I have class in about a half an hour, so I am going to get going.  I have a couple of loads of laundry that I need to get started some vacuuming to do.  You know… housework is never done.  Like to send a good luck out there to “Human Interest“.  He has his final today.  I hope he finds that it is a lot easier than he thought it was and that he gets through it without breaking a sweat.

BFN guys!


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2 thoughts on “The Week of Me

  1. As much as you may “love” your sister, your education is too important and she should understand that.
    An early Happy “2” “9” to you!!!!!!!!

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