Fashion Question

One of my favorite pairs of sweats.

Yesterday I was standing in Target, wearing my favorite sweatpants; sweatpants that just so happen to be one of many pairs of mens sweatpants and I was thinking.  Why is it okay for women to wear mens clothes, but not okay for men to wear women’s clothes?  Does anyone know the answer to this?

Think about it though… women can wear mens casual wear without a blink.  But if you see a man in something that looks feminine then people automatically just assume he is gay?  Is that why men can’t wear women’s clothes?  Because people will automatically assume they aren’t “manly”?

Well whatever the reason, I’m glad that I can wear mens sweats in peace, because I’m not giving them up!  Women’s sweats are cute and functional, but mens sweats are thick and cozy.  Nope!  Not giving them up.


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7 thoughts on “Fashion Question

  1. The eternal question raised on crossdressing and transgender forums. I think it is a complex issue but can be reduced to its core. You have already touched on the functional aspect of clothing. Women’s clothes tend to be pretty, accentuate your figure and are essentially aesthetic. Men’s clothes provide warmth and protection and tend to worry less about accentuating physical attributes (of course the suit with shouldeer pads is an exception but you get what I am saying I think). Thus a woman may throw on a man’s jacket because it is warm. His thick socks will protect your lower legs when walking in the woods etc. A man is unlikely to wear a woman’s clothes because they will probably not enhance any physical feature he wants to enhance, they are less likely to fit (most men are bigger than their female partners) etc. Additionally, USUALLY when a man does wear women’s clothing he is trying to ‘become’ a woman. The men we do see in women’s clothes are usually in some way trans* (dragqueens, crossdressers etc). Seldom do we throw on a pair of yoga pants and leave it there. No, we will tuck our bits into a sexy thong, then put on the yoga pants, followed by a sports bra, breast forms, a tank top, some make up a wig, some perfume and even a little jewelry and THEN we will go to the gym. Can you imagine what we do to go out for a night of dancing?
    This behaviour (sadly) stigmatises the wearing of anything feminine and non trans* men will simply NOT wear women’s clothing further entrenching the divide.
    I personally would encourage more men to explore this side of them… It is a LOT of fun and makes shopping with your wife way more interesting. But then I am me! 😀


  2. I’m thinking it’s because we have been such a Male dominated Society for so long. U.S. Wearing men’s clothes could be seen as us trying to be like men. Not to mention that Men would appear very feminine if they wore our clothes! Lol


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