March Wind

Wind is air in motion.  Air that is moving horizontally along the Earth’s surface.  Air, typically, can not be seen, only felt.  The day we went to Assateague Island National Seashore, believe me we felt it.

I’ve always wanted to catch wind in motion in photos.  Blowing leaves, a wind-swept bag… nothing ever quite caught the motion like I wanted it to.  The day we went to the national seashore the wind was strong, gusting up to 30+ MPH.  I saw this seagull playing in the wind.  He was flapping his wings, but he was barely moving.  He was riding the wind.  It was a sight to be seen.

I watched as other birds passed him by, he continued to play.  Unfazed.  It was very interesting to watch.  Seeing the photos now, I remember that day on the beach. But the photos do not do the memory justice.  I may not have been able to truly catch wind on film (so to speak) but this gull didn’t have that problem.  He caught the wind and rode it like a pro.

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