If you were asked to spend a year living in a different location, where would you choose and why?

Being military having to spend a year living in a different location is a reality.  Except it’s more like having to live 3 years in a different location.  The hitch in the gitty-up with being military is that you seldom get to choose the different location.  We’ve been lucky these 19 years with the military.  We’ve only had to move 3 times, technically 4 if you consider the move from home, and we’ve had the option of choosing the last two.  How many can say that?  Anyway…

If I were asked to spend a year living in a different location, where would I choose and why?  If I had to choose somewhere stateside I would say California, probably San Francisco.  Why?  Because I’ve never been there and I figure a year is a nice round amount of time to get a feel for the state and take some pretty cool photos, before I’m ready to hightail it back to the East coast.  Also I am obsessed with the Golden Gate Bridge.  I have no idea why, I just think it’s awesome.  SanFran

If I had to choose somewhere and it were anywhere in the world, I would choose New Zealand, preferably Bay of Plenty or Marlborough.  These are two places I’d love to visit and honestly I wouldn’t mind living there for a year or so.  I mean have you seen pictures of these places?  They are friggin gorgeous, plus they get less rain than the rest of the country.

Another draw to New Zealand is that the seasons are opposite there than what we are used to here in the states.  Our Winter is their Summer, imagine being able to spend Christmas at the beach instead of huddled by the heating vent lol.  Tell me that doesn’t sound pretty awesome.  I could totally do that for a year.


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  1. My vote goes to New Zealand, although having just returned, I am biased. If given a completely free choice for a year, I would opt for a completely foreign experience, knowing that it is only for 12 months – perhaps Cambodia?

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