It’s really coming down out there today.  Looks like there might not be any school for tomorrow either. Guess we’ll have to wait to know for sure though…  Is it snowing where you are?  Care to share a photo?  You can share your photos on The Daily Blabber’s Facebook page.

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12 thoughts on “Snowing

      1. not as bad as you guys – we had rain most of the morning…it only started snowing about 30 minutes ago. But it will be enough to close schools tomorrow – much to my daughter’s delight.


          1. Uff da – my daughter had a whole week off two weeks ago – missed a day last week and now at least two this week. But I don’t mind…I just take her to work with me.


            1. Luckily we haven’t had a week straight of being stuck in the house together. Just a few long weekends. It’s pretty cool that you have that option to take her with you to work. So many people don’t have that option.


              1. I know – I’m fortunate in a lot of ways – like today – I just opted to work from home. I feel sorry for people who feel like they have to brave weather like this just for a stupid job. And it’s not like I’m rich or anything…I need every cent I earn. I just don’t want to die earning it!

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