Please Don’t Ask

I wasn’t going to do today’s Daily, but I changed my mind.

What question do you hate to be asked? Why?

I was born in the 70’s.  That almost says it all doesn’t it.  Anyway… my Grandmother named most of us.  The younger Grandkids lucked out in the name department.  The oldest of us, no so much.

When my father called my grandmother to let her know I had been born, she named me the first thing she saw. The sun was streaming in the window and shining down through her Tiffany lamp. From that point on and forever more I was dubbed, Sunshine.  That’s a name you definitely have to grow into.  Had I stayed in NY I would have probably been okay.  But imagine growing up in North Carolina in “moonshine” country with a name like Sunshine.  Horrible.

So what question do I hate to be asked?  Is Sunshine your real name? or No, what’s your real name?  Why would I make something like that up?  I’d rather be a Jessica or a Stephanie (well maybe not) but why would I choose to lie about a name like Sunshine.  I absolutely hate it (the question not the name).

You have no idea how many times someone would be looking at my driver’s license and still ask me “Is Sunshine your real name?”  You have no idea how many times I’ve wanted to say nah, it’s just the name I gave the DMV :|.  So…

What about you?  What question do you hate to be asked and why?


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9 thoughts on “Please Don’t Ask

  1. I can understand the frustration. I don’t like when people ask me why I don’t want kids. People whatever I will say, they will try to convince me otherwise, or try to prove me wrong, but not respecting my choice. So I don’t like these kind of questions 🙂


    1. I can understand that as well. Having children, or not, is a personal decision. I would never try to talk someone into having kids because they know themselves better than you could think to know them. So… why don’t you have any kids… Just kidding. Enjoy your freedom to move about the planet… someday that will be me :).


  2. I hate to be asked “Why”. I wish I knew why I don’t like it. But when somebody, especially Garry, asks me “Why?”, I back myself into a corner and refuse to answer with anything intelligent. It has been a very sore spot in our marriage for 25 years now. I wish I knew why I do it and what I can do to stop it!!!!!


    1. Maybe it’s as simple as you don’t like to questioned on your motives or purpose. Maybe you just wanted to do something and hadn’t considered why. Could be any number of reasons. Take the power away from the word why and maybe it’ll stress you out less.

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