My Greatest Reward

Today is the last day of the walk-week.  I am happy to announce that as of today I have walked 13.217 miles on the treadmill this week.  TGIF!  My legs are sore and need the weekend off. (I’ve been doing squats and lunges amongst other things as well).  Tonight is date night.  Unless my husband changes his mind about dragging out after dark lol.  The plan is dinner and a movie.  He wants to see Focus.  It looks interesting, but I’d rather wait until it comes on HBO.  Anyway…

This weeks photo prompt is reward.  I had to think long and hard about this one.  What was my greatest reward at the end of a difficult task.  Honestly, only one thing kept coming to mind.  My son.  I became sick when I was 16.  The damage from the illness and the surgeries that I had to undergo, left my doctors believing that I would never have kids.  At 16 I didn’t really care about that so much.  Never really thought about it again honestly.  Not until I was 22 years old and finding out that I was pregnant.  Something I never thought would happen… and coincidentally, something that never happened again.  We tried for 8 years to get pregnant again with no luck.  My son is my miracle baby.  05200713

I often say he is my greatest gift… but honestly he is my greatest reward.  At the end of my journey through a childhood and adolescence that left a lot to be desired, he was my reward.  He was the family that I always wanted, wished for.  He was that one person that I asked God to give me that would love me no matter what.  He is my reward for surviving and not letting my experiences turn me into a person that I couldn’t look at in the mirror.  He is the greatest reward at the end of an arduous journey.


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