Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?

One of my biggest fears is that our home will burn and we’ll lose everything.  Even though we were living in a relatively safe part of the Springs, the wild fires always felt like very real threats.  So much so that I made sure that we had an in case of emergency stash prepared.

I’m currently out of wildfire territory however, living in an apartment is equally scary.  At any time anyone can burn down the place you call home and there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it.  This is a fact that was brought home the day before Thanksgiving when someone started an apartment fire in the building next door.  People out on in the parking lots and streets in their Pjs and bathrobes.  Watching, powerless, as the fireman did their jobs.  It seems as though the fire might have been restricted to just that one apartment because soon enough everyone went back in and the firemen were gone.

So if my home were to catch on fire and the people (and pets) that I love were safe from harm.  What would I grab?

1.  Zoie’s ashes.  I could never leave my Zoie behind.  She is still family, even though she’s gone.

2.  The file box.  I stopped “filing” our documents during the first wildfire we experienced in Colorado and opted to store them all in a plastic file box instead.  That way if I needed to grab and go I could.

3.  My external hard drive.  Some of our documents have since been scanned and stored on my hard drive.  Taxes are done and stored on my computer which are then backed up to the external hard drive.  Almost 17 years worth of family photos are also on that hard drive.  When we were in Colorado I kept that hard drive in the file box, however now it is stored in a pelican case with my camera equipment.  I’d just grab the whole case, it is right beside the file box after all.

4.  My cellphone.  So that I am not cut off and can make the calls I need to the insurance companies, etc.  Not to mention I’ll be able to get in touch with family to let everyone know we are okay.

5.  My wallet.  So that I have access to funds so that we can afford somewhere to stay in case we can’t come back home.  Our main bank is out of state, so there would be no way of going to the bank and withdrawing money, especially if our id’s burn in the fire.  So I’d definitely grab my wallet.

Have you ever thought about what you would need after a fire took all you had?  What you might need to start over again?  I have and my only wish is that these 5 items aren’t the only things that I have time to grab.  However, if they are.  At least we could start over with our memories in tact.


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