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Sorry I’m so late with today’s post.  We switched from Verizon FIOS back to Comcast today and the internet has been down most of the day.  Not because of the technician but because I had the router off until I could come home and disable the SSID.  We live in an apartment as some of you know and I don’t like having my signal broadcast.  If you really want to hack my network, you’ll have to find it first!

I realized shortly after moving to Maryland and getting Verizon exactly why we switched to AT&T in the first place.  I HATE Verizon.  Their customer service sucks and they don’t give a rats ass about their customers.  Sure, my phone stopped ringing thanks to their handy dandy feature that lets you screen calls.  (It works the opposite of Comcast’s screen feature.  Instead listing the numbers you want to block, you list the numbers you want to let through.)  I had like 5 numbers that weren’t blocked, so the landline was really quiet since the only person that actually called it was my MIL.

I did not walk today.  I’ve been busy and this is the first moment I’ve had all day.  Guess that makes today my free day, which also means I’ll have to walk this weekend :(.  I hate having to get on that God forsaken treadmill on the weekend.  It’s supposed to snow again, so that is probably the only option I’ll have.  Maybe I’ll walk before I go to bed tonight.  I hear that it is really good for the metabolism when you walk before bed, but I don’t know how true it is.

That’s it for today.  My son just came in here and notified me that his WiFi password isn’t working, so that tells me that I might have transposed a number when I set it up.  (I set up 3 different SSIDs) So I am off to double-check the passwords and get his network up and running.  BFN!


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