Almost Over

School, at least this one, is almost over.  I have one paper left to turn in and it will be over.  I’ll start on that as soon as I am done writing today’s post.

School has been quite the experience.  When we lived in Colorado I mostly enjoyed school.  It was a challenge.  Just the challenge I needed to get my life back on track.  It made me feel better about myself.  My husband had brought me to the brink of destruction.  Damn near had me convinced that I was stupid.  That is how he treated me.  Like I was stupid. So, I got A after A after A until here I sit at the end of 2 years with a perfect 4.0 GPA.

This last year has all been online.  Anyone that tells you that online school is easy isn’t doing the work.  I took 3 classes a semester, sometimes well over a hundred pages a week that I was responsible for reading by myself.  Class discussions were a joke.  Sometimes they were helpful, most times they weren’t.  Another good thing that came from me going back to school were all the papers I had to write.  School got me writing again.  Helped me refocus my energy on my blog.  Yeah I post a lot of photo blogs and haven’t been writing a lot.  But truth of the matter is, as much as I love to write, I prefer to be behind my camera.  I like for my photos to speak for me.  Even when they are blurry and slightly out of focus lol.

I am planning to take some time off.  Some much needed time off.  I have a few decisions to make about my next step.  I need to go back and get my bachelors degree.  However I need some downtime first.  Would I do online school again?  If I had to, but it wouldn’t be my first choice.  At any rate, here are my grades as I stand right now

Psychology97.05%.  I took my final and got a 93%.  I have to wait for the teacher to grade the discussion for the week and that will give me my final grade.  However you slice it though I will get an A for this class.

C Programming95.64%.  I took my final for this class and got a 100%.  As soon as I got over the fact that there was no help available to me through the school, or even through the teacher.  I started to figure out the things that were tripping me up, well most of them.  I had one of the guys in class help me out on a couple of programs that I was hung up on.  Which I greatly appreciated.  I have a program that still has to be graded, it was an easy one so I expect a 100% on it.  I will get an A for this class.

American Literature96.94%.  I took my final and got a 92%.  This class was a breath of fresh air.  I enjoyed most of the reading assignments.  I still don’t enjoy poetry.  Luckily we only did poetry for a couple of weeks.  This teacher was an easy grader.  She was happy if you did the work and turned it in on time.  I’ll write my paper in a bit and I expect to get an A in this class.

Each class has one grade pending, but the amount of points for each assignment isn’t enough to offset the current grade by enough to cause me to get a B.  So even if I got a 0% I’d be okay.

2 years, 8 semesters, 24 classes, and 96 credits later, I am finally done.  After I fulfill my career services requirement next week I will be the proud owner of an Associates of Science degree for Computer Networking.  It’s been a long road.  Thank God it has finally come to an end.  Can’t wait to turn the page on this chapter and start the next one.  Anyway, I got a paper to write guys so, BFN!


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