Target Practice

Well we are in New York visiting with my sister and her family.  My niece is quite the archery genius.  I have been keeping up with her progress as she has been competing.   She is awesome with all her medals and trophies.  I couldn’t be more proud.  Well today she had archery practice and we decided to all go and get in a little practice.  Gotta say, archery is pretty friggin awesome!  Anyway.

In the beginning I just sat on the bleachers wishing it was me standing at the line with a bow in my hand.

IMG_1774This particularly proficient pink pony-tailed young lady is my niece.  I couldn’t be more proud of her if I tried.  She kicks booty at the archery competitions.

IMG_1780This is her warm up target.  By the time she made it over to the 10 yard I was busy with my own targets.  I wish I could have watched her and shot too though.

IMG_1781 Eventually it was my turn…. it was SO awesome.  I took the class and they put us at the line and my first shots weren’t so good.  But they weren’t so bad either.  1 in the white. The majority of the rest in the black.  Second time at the line I had improved. I was doing so well midway through that a lady walked up to me and was like “You are awesome!”  I said thank you, but I gotta say, I was beaming inside.  I was so proud of myself.  These are some of my targets.

This my last target before I pulled my arrows and how my target looked after I was done.  I had SO much fun today.  This is quite the stress reliever.  Makes me want to go home and find an archery range.  Awesome right?  Not bad for a beginner.


This last photo is of my husband, my son, and me.  We’re all at the line.  I think this one of our first trips to the line.

Whole family at the line
Whole family at the line

We all thoroughly enjoyed our day.  All and all this has been a great trip home to visit with family.  I’ll be back home on Monday, so know that the blog will be late.  BFN!


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