Merry (day before) Christmas

When I was a child this time of year everywhere you would go, people wished you a Merry Christmas.  I was an adult before I started hearing Happy Holidays.  I can honestly say those two words irritate me.  Why?  Because I feel like it is a copout.  People just started saying that as a means of not offending people.  There are many things being celebrated this time of year.  However I don’t think it is offensive to say Merry Christmas and I typically will do that over Happy Holidays anyway.  It’s the spirit behind the words not the words themselves.  I guess that could apply to Happy Holidays as well.

When did we become so afraid of offending people that we began infringing on our own truth to appease strangers?  The bell ringers that work for the Salvation Army always stood out in front of the stores ringing their bell and saying Merry Christmas.  However in the last couple of years even they have buckled under the guise of politically correctness and have given in to saying Happy Holidays.  Which doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.  No pun intended.

I understand that Christmas is a holiday created for the observance of Christ’s birth.  I also understand that even that premise is technically incorrect as Christmas was primarily created in order to Christianize Pagan traditions.  (yes your “Christmas” tree and gift exchanges are all leftovers from the Pagan winter festivals or Yule.)  I am not religious, I do not look at Christmas as a religious holiday.  It’s just a time of year when family gets together, eats too much, and spends probably more than they ate.  It’s horribly commercialized, but the joy on my son’s face makes it all worth it.

All that said.  Merry Christmas, two words that are steeped in tradition.  Two words that embody the spirit of a holiday celebrated all over the world in some form or other.  I kind of understand the need to encompass all holidays under the umbrella of only 2 words.  Happy Holidays.  However to me that does more to demean whatever it is you believe in than Merry Christmas does.

As today is Christmas Eve.  I’d like to say Happy Christmas Eve to all of my Christmas celebrators.  I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow full of family, love, and lots of yummy food.  To everyone else: Happy last night of Hanukkah.  Happy Kwanza, Happy (belated) Festivus, and Happy (belated) Winter Solstice.  Did I leave anyone out?

Enjoy your family, your friends, and if that doesn’t give you joy then do try to enjoy your time off from work.  Whatever makes you smile, whatever brings you peace, I hope you enjoy it this holiday season.  BFN!

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