Gone, but Not Forgotten

For those of you that don’t know… this is my Zoie.  I lost her almost 6 years ago.  My heart still aches for her as if it were just yesterday.  She was so much more than a dog to our family.  She was my beautiful baby girl who enjoyed jumping on the trampoline with the family, chasing the child across the yard (and usually dragging him down by the seat of his pants when she was tired of chasing him), and hamming it up for the camera whenever possible.  She was so smart that sometimes it was amazing.  Especially when I trained her to run on the treadmill.  She was way over weight, so I trained her to run on the treadmill.  After 2 days all I would have to ask her is if she was ready to work out and she would jump right on.  She was awesome and the hole she left in my heart will never be filled.


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12 thoughts on “Gone, but Not Forgotten

  1. I always feel sad when I hear stories like yours… dogs are very big blessings in our lives. After we lost our first Labrador Retriever, Cleo, I couldn’t go to the beach without crying. We did welcome another Labrador into the family. I know when it’s Kirby’s time the same heartbreak will occur again… but his friendship is worth it.
    I’m happy you are looking forward to more Rotties in the future.


    1. I know what you mean. The first time we had pizza after Zoie died I cried like a baby. As normal we ate our pizza, I was always the only one that was willing to share my crusts with her. (she loved pizza crusts) I flung it across the floor absentmindedly. Then I remembered that she wasn’t there to eat it. I think that broke my heart all over again. As long as we are renting I don’t think we will get another Rottweiler, but believe me I am chomping at the bit. Every time I see one I want to bring it home with me lol.


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