Last Night

was the night for nightmares not peaceful sleep.  My first dream is kind of fuzzy.  All I remember is being locked in a white room full of birds, bugs, and little baby green snakes.  I kept trying to get away from the birds (I really hate birds) but that meant going down onto the floor where the snakes were and they kept trying to slither up my pant legs.  Horrible.  The second dream was much worse.  Trust me I had to get up and walk the second one off.

I was going out shopping with a bunch of girlfriends.  We met at the mall, parking side by side in a parking garage.  We shopped and were trying to leave.  The problem was our cars were all dead.  Not just our cars, but everyone’s cars in the garage were dead.  We walked back into the store for help.  I remember picking up my phone to call home and noticed something strange was happening.  Someone or something was deleting all of the apps on my phone.  I tried to shut off my phone to stop it but it just sped up.  I went to show my friend what was happening and hers was doing the same thing.  Everyone’s phones were being deleted.  It wasn’t just in the store, it was everywhere.  Someone had disabled all of the computers in our cars and were deleting all the data on all of the computers in the world.  Scary right?

Well it scared the crap out of me lol  The rest isn’t that important.  So anyway…

It made me wonder… so much of our daily lives revolve around computers.  What would happen if this really could happen.  All the computers of the world commandeered and erased.  How would we recover from such a traumatic event?

I still have a lot of data in hard copy that I keep in a file box.  However most of my life, family photos, tax documents, etc are all on a computer or an external hard drive.  My car is a 2012 for Christmas sake, a disabled computer means walking or worse… riding a bike.  My butt hurts just thinking about it.  (LOL)  Where this could be great for the environment, not so much for the people who have come to depend on modern technology.  So here’s my question.  How would you rebound if something like this were to happen?

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