A Gaggle

I believe the proper term for a group when it comes to geese is gaggle.  Today’s Photography 101 prompt is swarm.  Since I tend the avoid things that swarm, within reason of course.  I do like my bee photos 🙂 The Honking Goose will appreciate these photos.

When I first happened upon these geese I was stalking the ones that were swimming in the water.  The ones that were on the green grass caught my attention because there was one (the one that is standing straight up in this first photo) that was yelling, honking?, at the rest.  He was quite the bully as he was making it known that he wanted them to move.


As I began to walk to their side of the park they began to shift.  They were all focused on breakfast, but they were also walking in the same direction.  They were on a collision course with me.


As I came around the curve to their side of the park they were almost to the walking path I was on.  I didn’t photograph our encounter though I wish now that I had.  I don’t typically focus on photographing geese when I am surrounded by them because they tend to attack while I am focused on getting the perfect shot.
DSC_0044As they were within inches of me I said quietly and calmly, “I don’t want any trouble… please let me pass and I’ll be on my way”.  Want to know why I said that?  We have a gaggle of geese over here by where I live as well.  These suckers will chase you into the street for walking down the sidewalk by their pond.  I didn’t want to be chased, nor did I want to be pecked (bit?).  The ones whose path I was about to cross stopped and let me by.  I appreciated that and I didn’t take any more photos at that point.  They were sweet, except for that jerk in the back that kept honking anyway.  They just wanted breakfast. Now that I think about it so do I.  I’m off to forage.  Have a great day guys!

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