Say What Now

Someone or something you can’t communicate with through writing (a baby, a pet, an object) can understand every single word you write today, for one day only. What do you tell them?

As some of you know, Lucy is my cat.  Here is Lucy.


If for one day I could write anything and she would be able to read it I would say some simple and to the point.


Stop rubbing the furniture, doorways and walls.  No one has been here.  You’ve been the only pet for 6 years.  Let it go.  I’m tired of cleaning behind you.

She drives me crazy.  I bathe her on a regular basis yet she leaves dark smudges everywhere she rubs.  She comes down the stairs, she can’t turn the corner until she rubs the wall and the corner by the stairs.  She does the same thing when she comes into my room.  When you are in the kitchen she walks around under the table rubbing all the legs.  It’s like she has OCD.  OCD is treatable right?  Even in cats?

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10 thoughts on “Say What Now

  1. i have a dog, Sir, but he has some ‘interesting’ habits of his own too. still my biggest complaint is no matter how many baths i give him he smells like a vacuum cleaner by the next day! he does clean up food very nicely though 😉


    1. Yeah my Zoie was like that. We would take her to the groomer and within hours of being back home she would have gone out to potty and came in smelling like she did before she went to the groomer. She would wallow in the grass to get the fresh smell off. It was so irritating. Some dogs are just opposed to smelling what we consider nice. Thanks for the comment!

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  2. Hahaha you really made me laugh… i have a cat too and I would say to her, “Stop being so scared. It’s four of us in the house. every day. That object you have seen 10 times…it’s still the same object. We are not plotting to kill you in your sleep.” XD

    Maybe castration? I have no idea, my since castrated hasn’t had any problems or pain.


    1. What is up with that? Lucy will haul if you move too fast. I swear sometimes she is scared of her own shadow. We had her fixed when we found her. I don’t know what her issue is with all the marking, but she’s driving me nuts lol

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  3. Reblogged this on want to share and commented:
    wow, I liked this post today and the author’s daily blabber blog.
    what would I say to an object? (I don’t have a pet)

    I would tell my computer:

    “Dear computer, with little time I spend with you today, allow me to spend fruitful and productive time with you. Let me not browse so many sites, Let me stick to one site and imbibe the good thing from that site”

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