Sharing My World

This week’s questions come from Cee’s Photography.

What is your favorite time of day?

I’m a night owl.  I find about 6pm I start to get my second wind.  The one that likes to keep me up until 2 in the morning.  However, I get more work done between 6 & 8 pm than almost all day.  Especially on days when I have been trying to do homework and my brain won’t cooperate.  So my favorite time of day is around dinner time between 6 & 8 pm.

What’s your favorite charitable cause and why?

I don’t know that I have a favorite charitable cause.  I have a few that I will donate to.  The American Cancer Society, The Wounded Warrior Project, and I give money to the Vets when I see them out in front of the commissary collecting donations.

DSC00022#1How do you like to spend a rainy day?

If I could spend a rainy day absolutely anyway I’d like, I’d be napping.

When writing by hand do you prefer to use a pencil or pen?

I prefer a pen.  Preferably a smooth writing gel pen.  I’ve become quite accustomed to typing over the last few years.  Writing with a regular pen or a pencil adds friction which tends to make my hand tired faster.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Last week I was grateful for second winds.  The types that bring inspiration.  I was inspired by one of these second winds to write my program for class that I was hung up on.  Suddenly my brain flipped on and it all made sense.  I wrote a program I had been fighting with for 2 days in 5 minutes.  In the week coming up I am grateful for 3 day weekends.  We are supposed to have one next weekend.  That means an extra day to sleep in.  I love being able to sleep in.

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