Jaws… Sorta

This week, let’s play with light! Show us what refraction means to you.

From what I remember of high school science class, refraction is when light enters an object and bends at an angle rather than travel a straight line.  I kept thinking light through a prism or a raindrop… I don’t have either of those.  I do have this one though…

IMG_0262The light hits the water and bounces at multiple angles (due to the waves on the surface) which technically makes this refraction right?  I took this photo, crappy as it may be,  at the Downtown Aquarium in Denver.  I was standing in the tunnel under the tank.  It was almost like being in there with them.  I thoroughly enjoyed this trip.  Even if it didn’t yield any good photos lol.

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I'm a Mother, a Military Wife, a Blogger, and an Amateur Photographer. I may wear many hats, but deep down I'm still me. If you need to contact me do so at: Sunshine@SunshinesSnapshots.com

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