Today Was Great

I’d like to start this blog off by saying Happy Birthday to my hippo lovin’ best friend Teresa!  I hope you have a wonderful day Babe.  Love you! (see you Saturday)


On to my day.  So I was supposed to go to Longwood Gardens today with my Cousin.  However, her allergies currently have her hiding out in the house.  So, I decided to look around for gardens in my area rather than trek to Pennsylvania on my own.  I discovered a place in Wheaton, Md named Brookside Gardens.  It is only about a half hour and a lot of red light cameras and tolls away lol.  I said this because I accidentally ran a red light and I am not looking forward to the ticket.  Anyway…

Brookside Gardens is BEAUTIFUL.  I thoroughly enjoyed my day.  I had such a good time out there.  Especially in their rose garden.


Today was my first time taking all photos manually.  I’m so proud of myself.  Yes some of them are still a little blurry but I’m blind as a bat (even with my glasses) so feel blessed that they aren’t worse lol.  I won’t put them all up at once, I took a LOT of photos.  The roses are by far my favs though.  BTW, these are unedited.  DSC_0027

I should have gone to school for photography.  I love being behind the camera, but me as an art major?  What would I do with that degree?  Can you get an art degree and a job?  Anyway… I hope everyone out there is having as good of a day as I am.  BFN!


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2 thoughts on “Today Was Great

    1. I took a lot, and I’ll probably drop them in dribs and drabs. Right now I am thinking one a day until I run out lol. That way when school starts on Monday I won’t feel guilty for having nothing to say. 🙂


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