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I have my Routing II final this week.  It’s actually the final for I & II.  The whole book, all 1039 pages.  150 minutes, 51 questions.  It’s worth almost 10% of my grade.  I need some positive vibes guys.

I plan sit down and do this test tomorrow.  I only have about 60 points worth of wiggle room in order to maintain my A, plus I still have assignments pending.  I’m actually worried about this one.  Routing has not been my friend.  My brain does not operate under the pressure of a test as well as I would hope.  Especially a test on a subject that I still feel shaky on.

I’m going to go and go over some of the material.  I know I have to do command line interface for this test.  I need this code fresh in my mind.  BFN!


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