Please Don’t Pass the Okra

Are you a picky eater? Share some of your favorite food quirks with us (the more exotic, the better!). Omnivores: what’s the one thing you won’t eat?

When I was a child if Grandma wanted me to eat something new or different she would have to lie to me about what it was to achieve her task.  As an adult I am just as finicky.  I have weird taste buds and I have issues with texture.  So I am not usually known for trying new foods.

OkraThat said… The one thing I won’t eat?  Okra.

My Grandmother loved okra.  She’d grow it in the garden and cook a big slimy pot of it.  Just thinking about it makes me nauseous.  She preferred it boiled and would serve it with stewed tomatoes and black-eyed peas.  I like the stewed tomatoes and peas, but the okra would always remain untouched on my plate.  My cousin’s mom used to deep fry her okra.  I tried hers once to see if I like it.  I could still feel the slime on my tongue.  So gross.

Growing up in the south and not willing to eat okra was challenging.  I remember my schools used to serve it at least once a week.  Little round disks of slime.  Horrible stuff.  But then again they used to serve pulled pork as well. Something else I never grew a liking for.  I just didn’t have the taste buds of a southern girl.  Hell, I didn’t even like pork until I got pregnant with my son.  Then suddenly pork chops and pork bacon and sausage were desirable.  I was born in NY and so were my taste buds… give me a slice any day but keep your okra to yourself.

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15 thoughts on “Please Don’t Pass the Okra

  1. I can deal with okra ONLY if it’s Texas Pete hot pickled okra. Otherwise, no thanks. Slime city. But pulled pork? Bring it on. This born-and-bred New Yorker can’t get enough, whether it’s Southern style or “pernil,” a Puerto Rican version.

    I recall going to a Brazilian barbecue restaurant (“churrascuria,” or something like that) with some friends where they served typical Brazilian and Portuguese fare with some rather exotic meats. I don’t recall which of the exotics I actually ate, but that night they had kangaroo, ostrich, and wild boar. I can rationalize boar as “pork,” and ostrich as “poultry,” so I’m pretty sure that’s what I got, along with the last bit of feijoada (black-bean soup with meats). I have nothing familiar to equate kangaroo with. One girl in the group wouldn’t eat any meat that night, not even chicken — she said it had some “funny-looking bones to be chicken.”


    1. I’m not the biggest fan of pork I think. I eat it, but sparingly. So pulled pork has never appealed to me. In North Carolina the BBQ has a lot of vinegar and I hate vinegar. I tried it once when we lived in Colorado. It was Oklahoma style BBQ that we ate while we were out there and I loved the sauce. I still wasn’t feeling the pulled pork though. Just not my cup of tea. I even prefer beef ribs over pork so I think my hang up is the fact that it is pork.

      We ate at a seafood restaurant that served alligator once. I ate some off of someone’s plate (of course I didn’t order any) it wasn’t bad. Everyone kept saying it tasted like chicken. I don’t think it tastes like chicken but it wasn’t half bad either. I would probably eat it again if I had the chance. That is the most daring thing I have ever tried. I hear ostrich is good. Was it?


  2. I am SO with you. That is the one thing I try to avoid at all costs. My mother grew up in Florida, so that is probably why it was something she cooked. Slimy….. yuck, yuck, yuck.


  3. Totally with you on the okra. Blech! That being said, other things that I have tried and will not eat again: chicken feet, blood sausage, spiders, and heart/liver/kidney of any animal.


    1. You are much braver than I. I am not eating anythings feet. I would never try anything called a blood sausage. And just ewww to the rest of that as well lol. A friend of mines cooked menudo once when she was my neighbor in NC. She funked up our section of the block cooking that stuff. After smelling it and her telling me what was in it there was no way I was eating it. My husband on the other hand loved it. I couldn’t even watch him eat it I was so grossed out lol. I am just not the type to try new things.


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