7.5 – What’s on the Horizon?

DSC_0040I have been in school now for almost 2 years.  I am getting close to the end of my Associate degree and I have been weighing my options after graduation.  With 1 semester left, I decided to trot out my unofficial transcript to see if I could transfer any credits.  I tried with UMUC because it is a good school, and I wouldn’t mind going there.  I have NO transfer credit according to them.  What my credits bought me was an upgrade to upper level classes and 4 more years of school.

I don’t know if I have 4 more years in me.  I’m almost 40, who would hire me after 4 more years?

School was great when I was taking campus classes.  But online classes are draining.  Honestly I would feel better taking some of my classes that I have been reduced to taking online again.  However, I didn’t want to take everything again.  Upper level classes are good though, at least it is not the same stuff I have already taken… not that I think FASFA would be willing to pay for the same classes twice.

I don’t know.

As you can tell, I am debating this new development in my blog today.  I need some advice guys.  Post a comment, let me know what you feel I should do with this newfound information.

As far as school goes, I am now entering week 5 of my 7th semester.  Grades are not up from week 4 yet.  However, I am doing okay.  It’s a shame, but I may lose my 4.0 over a Career Skills class.  That woman grades with an iron pen lol.  On the bright side I only have this week and next week to deal with her.  If I end up with an 89 in Career Skills, I will just have to live with it.  For now, I have a 92.64%.  She’s not a bad teacher, she just like things done a certain way.  I understand and respect that.  I am resistant, and that is my fault not hers.  So if a B is what I get, a B is what I deserve.

I LOVE Network Security.  Love it!  I Almost can’t wait to take my Security+ exams for certification.  That is another option for after my Associates.  I can start studying for my certification exams and just go straight out into the job market.  The only way I will get a job, in this market, with an Associate degree is if I have my certifications.  Everyone here wants Bachelors degrees and experience.  I have neither.  I have seen some jobs that only require an Associate degree, but I’d need to have at least an A+ certification.  Which is no problem, I could probably go and take those exams next week and get that.  A+ is Barney level easy.  However, I want to feel ready to head out into the job market, and I don’t.

The the question becomes, will I ever feel ready?  That could be the fear talking.  I haven’t had an actual job in 14 years.  I am scared shitless about heading back out into the job market.

At any rate, I am doing really well in Network Security.  Makes me want to go back to school just so I could get into the cyber security and the forensics side of computing.  My grade for Network Security is a 99.23%.

Routing II is going better than Routing I did.  I am getting a better grip on it, but I wish I knew more.  I was tripped up by a research paper I had to write on Syslog last week.  Syslog!  I am still a little bitter about it.  I won’t know how bad the grade will be until he posts it in a couple of days.  I am not hopeful though.  I know I bombed the last part of that paper.  I am expecting at least a 25% point deduction, because I didn’t really answer the last question.

Looking at the evaluation that the school sent me this morning, I have two options because of my current education.  I can go the Cisco route, which I don’t want to do, even though I know there is a lot of money in Cisco.  Or I can go the Digital Forensics route which I think I would love.  If I were to go to go this school my Major would be Networking & Security with a minor in Cyber Security.  It is like a whole new degree, a whole new direction.  I found what interests me… was that the point of the Associate degree?  Anyway, my grade for Routing II is 95.88%.  If you are wondering why, it’s because of my last test.  I need to stop second guessing myself.  I got a 70% on my last quiz, it would have been a 90% if I hadn’t changed two of those answers.  I’m still kicking myself.

Sorry that this blog is so long.  I hope y’all made it to the end.  Please post a comment, I could use the feedback.  What do y’all think I should do as my next step?


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I'm a Mother, a Military Wife, a Student, a Blogger, and an Amateur Photographer. I may wear many hats, but deep down I'm still me. If you need to contact me do so at: SunshinesSnapshot@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “7.5 – What’s on the Horizon?

  1. Dang, Sunshine! Your grades are awesome, despite changing those two answers. Lol. Is there another college you could transfer to that WILL take your credits? It may not be the same as the not you want, but….
    I would think most businesses would appreciate someone like you who has raised a family, taken care of a household, with multiple moves no less, AND gone to school! I sure couldn’t do it. You ROCK!


    1. I may continue to look around. I still have some time until I have to do something. William is saying because I am changing my interest from networking to security that I should go back and try to do it in 3. I don’t know…


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