1. Do you — or did you ever — have a Best Friend? Do you believe in the idea of one person whose friendship matters the most? Tell us a story about your BFF (or lack thereof).

Because when the sun shines, we’ll shine together
Told you I’ll be here forever
Said I’ll always be your friend
Took an oath, I’ma stick it out to the end ~ Rihanna

With military life being what it is, I haven’t really tried to make friends since we left Ft Bragg.  It is hard to make friends and then move away and not know if you will ever see them again.  I spend most of my time alone, or with my family.  However!  I do have friends.  I have 3 people who I met while I was still at Bragg, that I love like family.  Of the three people, if I had to choose one I would have to choose Mario as my best friend.

umbrellaMario is a guy that I met when I decided I wanted to try my hand at selling insurance. (which I hated) We were hired the same week and were sent to training together.  My first impression of Mario is that he was a narcissistic asshole.  I didn’t even try to make conversation with him at first, let along friends.  He says his first impression of me was that I was that I was pretty but didn’t want to waste my time with people who I felt were beneath me.  He said I acted stuck up.  However that all changed when we started training.  It had been snowing, but they didn’t cancel class and I trudged out in the bad weather.  I was sitting in my car listening to music when he pulled up.  I don’t remember how it came about but we ended up sitting in my car talking while we waited for the school to open.  (There was a delay and we hadn’t been notified)  We clicked and I realized he was a nice guy… but still a bit of a narcissist :).  Before training was over, I invited him over for dinner to meet the family.

That was about 14 years ago.

We have been through a lot together.  We have always been able to talk to each other about absolutely anything.  Which is rare for me, because I keep so much locked inside.  He was there for me when my life was crumbling under my feet.  I was there for him when his life began to slowly implode to get him back on track.  He forgave me for attempting to hook him up with my cousin.  Seemed like a good idea at the time lol.  I forgave him for a highly inappropriate middle of the night phone call.  He even lived with us for a little while when we were in Colorado.  He about drove me crazy lol but he’s family, that’s what family does.  I love this man as much as I love my husband, and that says a lot.

Every woman who has come into his life has been “warned” about me from the beginning.  My husband knows if something is bothering me I will most likely turn to Mario before him.  He doesn’t take it personally.  We drift apart, and sometimes don’t speak for months, but we always find our way back to one another.  We catch up and it’s like we were never apart.  He is my family.  He is my best friend, and as mad as he sometimes drives me I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world.

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