Nosey Delights

There are many smells that bring a level of comfort… freshly baked cookies, freshly laundered clothing, or in my case lavender.  I have always found lavender to be a soothing and comforting smell.

The best thing about home ownership is being able to plant the things that make you happy in your yard.  I loved roses, so they were planted everywhere in the front yard.  Lavender roses edged the yard and blended in with the lavender plants that lined the front walkway.  I loved when these plants would begin to bloom, the smell would fill the air and it was so soothing.  05200780The lavender would bloom, bringing with it bees, butterflies, and ladybugs.  I didn’t care, the smell was worth the intrusion.  The hotter it got outside, the better it would smell.  At the peak of the season I would always clip some of the better stems and dry them out and bag them for use in the house in the winter.  They would dry out and the smell would get more intense.  Now however, we have to settle for lemon/lavender candles for the same level of comfort and soothing that was once grown in our own yard.  Of all the smells that I enjoy, lavender is by far the most comforting.

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