leftoversMy grandmother had this 4-legged, wooden, floor model stereo.  It has lattice-work on the front in the areas where the speakers are located.  The lid is solid wood and when closed it just looks like a normal piece of furniture.  Under the lid are the controls for the radio and working turntable.  It stands about hand high off the ground and is maybe 3 to 4 feet wide.  Someone, I assume my uncle, upgraded the turntable.  When he did that he ripped the lower half of the back off and never replaced it.  So it was always placed up against a wall to hide the wires in the back.

When I was a kid I remember playing with it.  It had such rich sound; bass so heavy that you could feel the pulses throughout your body.  I loved it, that is probably the reason I love heavy bass to this day.  It was far better than any boom box that you could pickup.  The only bad part was that there was no cassette deck.  At least that was my opinion of it back then.  My Rottweiler, Yendor was very fond of it as well, she used the legs as a teething ring when she was a puppy.  Then used the space underneath to “hide” her toys.  It did a poor job of hiding her toys, since it stood a good 8 inches off the ground, but if you moved them she would only put them back.

When my uncle packed up Grandmother and half of the contents of her house, he left behind this stereo.  So when I got my first apartment I took it with me.  Along with a few other pieces of old furniture that belonged to my great-grandmother.  I used it as a console table.  I would place a runner over it as well as flowers, candles, a bowl for my keys.  I seldom used it for the purpose it was created anymore.

When I moved to Fayetteville, I took it along for the ride.  In the 10 years that I lived there I probably only managed to plug it in and turn it on twice.  It sounded as I remembered it from my childhood; loud rich sound with booming bass.  The only difference is that now it had developed an electrical short and I had to jiggle the cord to make it work.  In 2003 my grandmother died, and I inherited her old family bible.  It’s huge, about 15″ x 4″.  I decided to keep it inside of the old stereo.  Here it wouldn’t get messed up or dusty.

Eventually it was time to pack up and move again.  This time the stereo was off to Colorado.  It was used as a console table the whole time we were there.  It was an interesting piece of furniture no matter which living area it ended up in.  You could tell that it was old, but unless you knew this piece of furniture, or attempted to lift it, you’d never guess it was more than a simple table.  I haven’t plugged it in since we left Fayetteville.

This piece of furniture is a leftover of sorts from my past.  It now resides in Maryland in a storage unit until we find a house or the Army decides we will move again.  I probably will never use it as a stereo again.  But, I’d never get rid of it.  I have fond memories of it, and truth be told, I have no reason to get rid of it.  It still houses the family bible.  It has a purpose.  My hopes are that after the next time we move it we will get it refinished.  Replace the missing half of the back panel, fix the shorted wire, and maybe refresh the finish.  I would never however fix the legs.  They are a gnawed memory of a teething puppy and hidden toys.

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