Well, my grades are all posted, and this semester is officially over.  6 down, 2 more to go.

So first up, Network Routing I.  Hated it.  Mostly because my brain seemed unable or unwilling to hold on to the information.  There was so much friggin information, I probably do not remember half.  I wonder if the local community college would let me audit a Routing I class?  I’ll have to call and find out.  My professor for this class was nice enough, however he seemed unknowledgeable about the material.  Whenever I would ask him a question he would send me an outside link rather than answer the question.  Like when I asked him about VLSM he simply sent me a link to a VLSM/CIDR calculator.  As if to say, why do the math when there is an easier way to get your answer.  I did pass the class.  Guess that is all that matters, especially since I do not plan to take the CCNA exam.  I’d like the option though.  My grade for Network Routing I is a 97.05% or an A.  Next semester I take Network Routing II.  *Sigh*

Next is Network Management.  I loved it, but after my first semester taking Server, I loved all things server related.  I don’t know it if was because I actually absorbed and held on to the information or if I just had good teachers while I was still going to the ground campus in Colorado.  Whichever it is, I do indeed like server, I understand the software and would love to someday do this type of work.  My professor for this class was nice and he seemed knowledgeable about the material.  You could ask questions and he would answer you.  He like to ask you questions as well and would let you know if you were on the right track or if you needed to do some more research to get to where you needed to be.  Good skills for a teacher to have.  He didn’t just hand you a grade because you did the work if you did it incorrectly, which I liked.  And he answered your emails in a decent amount of time, I hope I get him again for Network Security… but I doubt it.  My grade for Network Management is a 98.40% or an A.  Onward and upward… we are almost done.

Lastly, is Customer Relations and Servicing.  It was a necessary business elective.  I hate business classes.  They are boring and require very little brain power.  Mostly common sense classes.  I hardly cracked the book on this class.  It was mostly commons sense, like I said.  I have 3 people in my family (husband, BIL, & SIL) that have degrees in business.  They act like that crap is so hard.  pfft.  Anyway, the professor was nice.  He liked to have conversations with the students during discussions.  He like to see interaction between the students and he liked it when you asked each other questions.  This is a great skill for an online professor because discussions are usually boring and a time suck if you can’t get some kind of conversation going.  My grade for Customer Relations and Servicing is a 99.70%.  He penalized me for not using proper APA format on my first paper, even thought it didn’t state we were supposed to use it.  At least it is behind me now.

Next semester is days away.  I am not happy about it either.  I need an extra week LOL, but I always say that.  BFN!


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