Last Day of School

schools outThis has been a very long school year for Andre.  They started so early last year and Colorado schools have been out now for a month.  Here in Maryland they don’t get out until June and the school year got extended a couple of days because of snow… I thought it would never end.  No one was more happy than me that the school year has come to an end.  Trust me on that.  I need my sleep and I just don’t get any decent sleep during the school year until the weekend.  My husband’s clock goes off at 5:30a, then mines goes off at 6:15a, so it will be nice to not HAVE to get up and go somewhere on Monday morning.

What are our plans you might ask?  Nothing is in stone, I know I want to do pretty much nothing for the first couple of weeks. We will be in NC in July for the 4th.  Then I am thinking a few trips to Six Flags.  Not sure what else.  I do know that I have to get him a new dentist and an eye Dr. before school starts back up again.  He’ll need glasses, but I won’t worry about that stuff until mid July.

Too bad I’m not out too, I could use a couple of months off.

Back to my homework… or maybe a nap.  We’ll see.  BFN!


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5 thoughts on “Last Day of School

    1. I have been staying in a lovely place called denial. lol It’s Sunday, and all homework is due by tonight so I will finish my last few things now. I’ll do better next week. This happens every semester around the last couple of weeks, I get tired and I just don’t want to do it anymore. But I always turn it in on time.


  1. I wish I had time off to do nothing! My alarm goes off at 2am Monday through Thursday and 4am on Friday. Having to work SUCKS!!!!!


    1. I thought about you when I was whining. Lol. I am a night owl, but your work hours would have been the end of me long ago.


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