Today is the last day of week 8.  Yeah!  It’s almost over!  It’s not going fast enough.

Routing I is still kicking my ass.  It isn’t helping that my teacher is not looking at my labsim turn ins every week but going by his grade pages.  The problem is Testout is not fully updating the teachers grade pages so he is incorrectly grading me every week.  Grades are usually up by Tuesday but sometimes it’s Thursday before I get my grades fixed.  The class itself is going better.  The CLI coding is finally starting to stick.  I am starting to enjoy it.  I am still having a hard time with all of the different types of subnetting.  I can do the basic stuff, but that is about it.  My Routing I grade is currently a 96.55%.

Network Management is awesome.  I really love doing the server stuff.  At first I was a little resistant because of the book, however it’s mostly software stuff and it is so simple and easy it’s ridiculous.  Class is going great, as you can tell.  Next semester I will be taking my last Server class in Network Security.  My grade for Network Management is currently a 98.85%.

Customer Relations and Servicing is so utterly boring, however that is a good thing.  The class is not taking up a lot of my brain power.  I haven’t even read a chapter yet quite frankly.  I skim sections sometimes if I need to but that is about it.  My grade for Customer Relations and Servicing is currently a 99.44%.

School is going well.  I still have 2 quizzes left for Routing I, one of which I am taking this week.  So cross your fingers for me.  The quizzes are supposed to be from 2 chapters, 7 & 8, but sometimes that isn’t the case.  Maybe say a little prayer… I don’t know LOL.

That’s it for today, I am sitting here watching WWDC.  Apple is announcing Yosemite, which will be free and out this fall.  Yeh!  It looks great to me.  I can’t wait to download it.  iOS 8 looks good too.  Just saying.  I’m highly distracted and ending this blog now.  BFN!


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