The Visit is Going Well

We are officially on day 3 of the visit with my sister and her family.  Thank God for hotels, because it is actually making for quite a pleasant visit. We spend the evenings and night together and then they head off to the hotel whilst we head off to bed.  Perfect!

As you probably know, I was very stressed by this visit.  I love my sister, we get along about 85% of the time, however the 15% that we do not get along can make for quite a doozy of tension.  We are pretty much operating with the same tempers but I behave better than she does.  She also likes to push my buttons, so I was looking forward to seeing her, but not really.

They got in late Wednesday evening which was perfect.  We all got to relax, because I think my energy had everyone else a little wound up.  I got to eat a little Chinese instead of BBQ, and I also got to finish my Customer Relations homework for the week.  So definite pluses.

They did show up eventually, but not until 9pm.  They didn’t leave until after 11pm, so we were all exhausted on Thursday.  At least Andre got a double shot of iced coffee with his breakfast.  My tea on the other hand wasn’t cutting it.

Dinner ended up being spaghetti, I was too tired to cook anything else quite frankly.  At any rate, my BIL had spent the day eating BBQ so I didn’t think my spaghetti could do more harm to his gout than his lunch had.

Aprill and I laughed and talked.  The kids had a ball with each other.  Andre and Cede definitely picked up where they had left off.  They were always so close when they were little.  Hopefully they will do better at keeping in touch with one another.  The guys have been bonding over Injustice (a video game) and basketball.  So fun has been had by all.

Tonight, we do dinner and a movie.  Rather a movie (Maleficent) and dinner.  Hopefully it will go as smoothly as the rest of the week.

My homework is not completely finished.  I have one more assignment to complete.  I may do it after I pick Andre up from school.  Hopefully it won’t take too terribly long.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful week.  BFN!


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