I really should have done my grade update last week.  However, they changed up our last day of the week and sometimes it is the middle of the week before I have grades.  My IT professors have the grades in usually by Tuesday, however my Marketing professor, not so much.  Anyway here we go…

Network Routing I – I hate routing.  Have I mentioned that?  I’m sure I have, but in case I haven’t.  I HATE ROUTING.  Doing binary code and sub netting are by far the easiest stuff I’ve learned, mostly because it’s mostly math.  VSLM’s are a little confusing and I’m tired of doing command line sub netting.  On the bright side, I’ve typed this crap so many times at this point that I have memorized how to subnet a network from the command line so that’s something… My grade in Routing I is currently a 97.69%.

Network Management – In contrast, I love this class.  Mostly because I’ve done it again and again.  This is more Windows Server 2008 stuff.  I’ve taken so many classes about servers and server management that it has almost become a no brainer.  But I legitimately love doing this.. guess that means I want to be on the software side?  Building Network Directory’s and such.  We’ll see… two more semesters (for this degree) to go.  My grade for Network Management is currently a 100%.

Customer Relations and Servicing – I’m taking one business class, and this is it.  I needed two electives and this is one of them.  I figured it would be an easy no brainer (probably won’t have to crack the book) class.  With taking Routing this and next semester, I need to pair it with easier classes that won’t require a lot of my attention.  Where this class is interesting, that’s about all it is.   It’s a lot like my Strategies class from the first semester, all common sense.  It’s a shame schools teach common sense classes and charges you for them these days.  Anyway my grade for Customer Relations is currently a 99.03%.

All and all school is going well.  Routing is frustrating and because of this I have been procrastinating on doing some of my school work.  Today is Friday and I literally just did 70% of my work this morning.  I still have one assignment I need to redo (routing of course) because I got a 60% on one of my labsims and I know I can do better, I honestly just didn’t feel up to retyping all of the coding again so I’ll come back to it tomorrow.  Today is my anniversary and I am going to enjoy my night away from routing.



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