It’s almost over.  So why aren’t I more excited about it?  Oh I know why, it’s because I decided to take Routing I next semester.  I’m scared.  No really, I am.  Yeah, I got an A in Networking Fundamentals (I worked my ass off for it too), however I think when it was over I was more confused than ever LOL.  Yeah I could tell you all about OSI Model, but some of the hardware (that connects to the OSI via the Physical Layer) Not so much.  Yeah I went there lol

Anyway now for this weeks grades.  Keep in mind I won’t have my final grades til sometime next week which I will post in a week or two.

Computer Operating Systems.  This class is so horribly easy that I have barely read my book.  My grade is currently (still) a 100%

Network Directory Services, or Active Directory.  This class isn’t easy, but it helps that I know the basics from my time in Colorado.  Thank you Pat for making me install it, uninstall it, and repeat on a weekly basis.  Not to mention how many times I played with it when I was supposed to be joining our fictitious little network lol.  My grade in this class is currently a 99.78%.

English Comp II.  My English grade is in a bit of a downward slide.  I haven’t been on top of my editing these last few papers and she has been taking off points.  Which is fine.  I am honestly tired of English and I’m glad it’s almost over.  24 weeks (2 semesters) of “proper” writing is wearing me out.  Thank God I have my blog to come to and piss all over everything I’ve learned in English class.  (I really should have used a comma splice right there out of spite LOL)  My grade in this class is currently a 99.06%.

As you can tell I am still getting straight A’s, but I won’t say that too loud because this weeks grades aren’t in yet.. hell I haven’t even done this weeks work yet.  Guess I should get on that.  It’s due on Saturday.  That’s all for now, I really should go get started on my homework.  I have a paper to proof, 2 discussions, a quiz, a paper to write, and some labsims to do.



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