It’s that time again… time for a little school update.

Computer Operating Systems is going well.  It’s an easy class, and most of the questions are easy to answer.  I think they should expand the OS model to more than just Windows.  I mean yes the majority of Operating Systems is Windows-based, but that is not all people are working with out there.  People that have never been exposed to Mac aren’t going to know what to do when they run across their first one.  Linux is pretty cool too.  Just saying.  My OS grade is still a 100%.

Network Directory Services is so boring.  LOL  I mean the book is informative if you can get through it without falling asleep.  Microsoft either needs to stop forcing the school to use their books or they need to get less techy tech writers.  They are so boring.  We have Labsims through Testout which are great.  It’s easier to do the simulations with the software than to read about the software.  I understand why we read about the software though, we have to know what it’s limitations, etc are.  I get it.  Doesn’t mean I like it lol.  My Active Directory grade is 99.6%

English Composition II is going a lot better than Comp I did.  My english professor last semester had me convinced I was bad at the one thing I love to do almost above all others… write.  Every time I wrote a paper, he made it his lifes work to tear it apart.  It wasn’t even that he was correcting my grammar, he was correcting my word choice.  He wouldn’t say anything about comma placement, run on sentences, because technically my work was correct, no, he would change how I said things.  When we write we have our own voice, our own way of saying things… he would always try to change my papers to make it sound more like he wrote it.  At least that is how I felt.  This English professor is much more laid back.  If you make technical errors she will let you know and she leaves your word choices alone.  She’s easily impressed.  I like that LOL.  My Comp II grade is a 99.23%.

School is going well, I still don’t like the whole online school thing.  Some days it is hard to focus and make myself do what I need to do.  Days like today I’d rather take a nap and do the laundry.  However, I have to at least start reading my next chapter for Active Directory. (the rest of my weeks work is done) Okay, now that I think about it a nap sounds good.  I’m going to put in a load of laundry and take a nap.  I’ll start reading this afternoon.  BFN!


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