I Wish You Peace

I stay in touch with a few of the guys I went to school with.  I was emailing with one yesterday when he said a strange thing.  He mentioned being shaken up about Wes.  Wes?  I am wondering what he is talking about, no one had said anything about something happening to Wes until that moment.

Wesley is a guy we went to school with.  A little older than me I believe, sweet, polite, quiet.  A bit of a conspiracy theorist, but nice nonetheless.  I can’t say he was my friend, we didn’t talk that much.  Makes me wish I’d taken the time to get to know him better.

My last night of school he brought us candy.  I didn’t eat any because it was Reese’s, but I thanked him nonetheless.  I didn’t think anything of it at the time.  He apparently brought candy every class until the last night of the semester, which was last Wednesday for Linux.

Last night, as I sit here texting with a guy from school, I find that Wes left class last Wednesday night and killed himself.

I know you will never read this Wes, but somehow it brings me peace to know I wrote it.  I’m sorry I never took the time to know you, sorry for not noticing you were going through something.  Sorry you felt there was no alternative other than taking your own life.  I wish you peace now Wes.  I hope that your soul is no longer tormented and that you find peace…


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