Giovanni Product Review

Every week I go to TJ Maxx and peruse the beauty section.  I have a taste for expensive nail polishes and hair products, but what I have is a military budget.  That is where TJ Maxx comes in lol.  There I can get my Sephora by OPI fix for about $3.  I also have run across a couple new products that I have tried and fallen in love with.


I picked up D:tox System, Step 1, the purifying facial cleanser one random Saturday.  I was reading the label and saw that it contained activated charcoal and volcanic ash.  I was like how clean could dirt really get your face, so I bought it… I think it was like $5.  Actually activated charcoal and volcanic ash can get your face very clean.

It is supposed to detox your skin and infuse it with super antioxidants.  I have not had an acne break out since I started using it.  My face also seems a lot smoother than it used to be.  I went back and got the purifying facial mask as well, I didn’t get to use it, Andre took it.  He uses it at least once a week and it soaks up some of the oil in his forehead, making his acne a little better.

I also picked up the Hydrating Clarifying Shampoo and a Hydrating Calming Conditioner on another random Saturday.  I finally got around to trying them yesterday.  Now I like clarifying shampoos because they get that product buildup out of my hair.  I will typically use a clarifying shampoo once a month.  This is the best one I’ve found in a long time.  I think my search is officially over.  After the second wash and rinse I could actually feel my hair.  Meaning it felt clean.  Much cleaner than usual.  I used the hydrating calming conditioner afterward and my only suggestion is, if you have a favorite detangling shampoo, stick with it.  This conditioner made my hair soft, but it did a pretty crappy job of making my hair slippery enough to detangle.  I don’t believe that the back of the bottle promises to detangle.

Now for where to find it.  Like I said, I have found it pretty regularly at TJ Maxx.  However, out of curiosity I looked around.  Giovanni Cosmetics has a website.  Mute your computer, because it also plays music.  I’ve also found that Whole Foods sells their products.  I found them on and Amazon.  I found the D:tox at TJ Maxx for about $5, while Whole Foods sells it for about $10 normally, they put it on sale pretty regular, at least they do here in Colorado.  The D:tox line is also available for the body.  I like using the D:tox body wash on days that I’ve gotten really sweaty.  Makes me feel extra clean.  I found the shampoos and conditioners at TJ Maxx for $13, I have seen them on Amazon for like $21 and up.

Their products can be a little on the expensive side, but at least the $20+ shampoos and conditioners come in 33.8 ounce bottles.  They will last for a while.  That’s it for tonight guys, BFN!


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