It’s A…

beautiful day in my neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor.  Would you be mine?  Could you be mine?

Okay, no more Mr Rogers Neighborhood lol.  It is a BE-U-TIFUL Day though.  I’ve got my grades back 🙂  I’m so friggin happy this morning it is ridiculous.  The research paper that I had to do for Network Fundamentals was the bane of my existence this semester.  I had 9 weeks to do it, I didn’t actually start working on it til week 7, and even then I didn’t start writing it until the Friday before it was due.  I expected a 300/400 honestly.  I read that thing, it was so friggin boring.  But I didn’t get a 300/400 I ended up with a perfect score 400/400. Color me surprised.

IMG_0219And as you can see I did really well on my final exam.  Thanks to my loving son.  Andre helped me study while I was cooking dinner.  He asked me questions, I answered them.  Then he gave me a pep talk.  It all worked wonders.  I should get him to help me study more often lol.  My final grade for Network Fundamentals is a 97.3%.  Being the only woman in the CIS program is stressful.  I feel the need to compete with the guys to prove I can hold my own.  We discussed our grades after class, I think I may have the highest grade.  My only real competition this semester got a 93%… There is only one person whose grade I didn’t know, but I think I beat him.  Just saying lol

Needless to say, I made presidents list again 🙂

My other two grades are still pending, but it’s okay, I’m not worried.  I could have literally made a 50% on my final and my final paper for Environmental Science and still got an A… I’ve never gotten a 50% on anything.  I’m not that worried.  Tonight is my last night of school for this semester.  Yeh!  If she doesn’t have any work for us other than watch a movie, then I am going to start a book.  I’m gonna break out the Beats (by dre) and sit in the back of the room and enjoy the beginning of a book.  I can’t wait.

Here’s hoping that everyone is having a wonderful week.  BFN!


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