Last night was my Environmental Science final… I think I aced it, we’ll see how I did on the paper.  I’ll let you know at the end of the week.  Grades are supposed to be in by Friday.  I have a paper that has to be graded and my final of course, so as of right now my grade is a 103%.

Tonight is my hard final.  Network Fundamentals.  I HATE THIS CLASS.  However, my grades don’t really show it.  I don’t hate Network Fundamentals because it’s unusually hard, I hate it because it’s horribly boring.  Lots of charts and stuff to remember.  My brain aches I’ve had to squish in so much information in such a small amount of time.  Today is no different, I am sitting here going over charts and stuff again, trying to get ready for tonight.  We had a review last week and there were a few things that I couldn’t’ remember… so I am making sure I know them by tonight.  My paper still isn’t graded… so I don’t know what my end grade will be, but I’ve worked really hard to keep an A in case something horrible happens.  Right now my grade is a 97%.

Tomorrow night is my night off, so to speak.  I have Windows Config Client tomorrow night, we have no final.  YEH!  Instead we are eating pizza which I can’t have much of and watching a movie.  She is giving us the night off.  I did my homework in class last week and turned in it.  She still hasn’t posted our grade, and I probably won’t get it until Friday, however I’m looking at it being somewhere between a 97% & 99%.  I’m thinking closer to that 99%.  At any rate, it’s an A and I’m not worried about it.

Looks like I’ll be making Presidents List again.  (knock on wood)

That is it, I just wanted to get a little school update out there.  Next week is my week off yeh!  No school next week means I hope to read a book.  My Kindle app downloaded James Patterson’s new book Gone the other night, I really want to read it.  Too bad William won’t be gone next week huh?  I could actually get enough peace to read.  Eh, it’s okay, he has to come home, he has to get ready to PCS, that is if his orders don’t get canceled because of this shutdown.  We’ll see I guess.  BFN!


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