Got My Paper Back

Not sure that I mentioned that I had a paper to write for my Environmental Science class.  I’m sure I did.  At any rate, my Environmental Science teacher is also an English professor, and from what I hear a damn good one.  So when I had to write 3 essays for him this semester I was nervous.


Two weeks ago we were studying biomes.  We had to choose an animal from an aquatic biome and I chose the Bog Turtle. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the research I found about this little guy and even though I had hurt my back, and I was in a little bit of a fog because of it, I wrote my paper.  I thought the paper was good, however I was nervous that my last paragraph was too long.  So being that I knew my teacher was also one of the better English professors at the school I was nervous.  I didn’t think he’d rip me a new one, but I never expected to get a perfect score.

I read his notes in the margins, I needed more citations was the only complaint.  I didn’t want to go overboard on the cites so I cited sections of my work when I changed resources instead of individual statements.  I only used the one quote.  That said, I was still floored by what I saw on the last page of my actual paper.  IMG_0186

I was absolutely floored.  I like to hear that people actually enjoy what I write.  Typically these days the only thing I am writing with any amount of skill are my research papers, but still lol.  I only say that because I relax the “rules of writing” for my blogs, however, when I write my research papers, and essays for school I try to remember all the rules I was taught back in the dark ages when I was in high school.  (lol)  I give full credit to Mrs Wilkerson, God bless her soul, for my writing ability.  She used to drill certain things into us and to this day I still use the little correction marks she taught us.  She was an awesome English teacher.  I give her the credit because with she is where I learned the basics.  I haven’t exactly taken English Comp yet, don’tcha know lol.

Now that my patted myself on the back to the point where I have a small bruise forming, here are my grades as they stand.  Environmental Science 100%, Networking Fundamentals 96.2%, and Networking OS – Client 100%.  Tomorrow I have mid-term for Networking Fundamentals, keep your fingers (or toes) crossed for me please.  I took the majority of my free days off and didn’t do a lot of studying, but I will go through my flashcards tomorrow for at least an hour before school to make sure I’m ready.  Lots of charts to go over, and I’m having a hard time remembering some of my ports.  I really should have worked harder at studying, but I really felt like I needed a little break.

That being said, I got my new assignment for Environmental Science tonight.  We have a new essay, I’m excited.  We have to write an argumentative essay, at least 3 pages, about energy sources.  I am going the sustainable energy route.  I am leaning towards either solar energy or geothermal energy.  I’ve already done some preliminary research and I am starting to lean more towards geothermal.  I’ll let you know what I decide.  It’s due in 2 weeks.  I also have a 5 page research paper due for Networking Fundamentals on the Layers of the OSI Model… I find this class to be pretty boring and have yet to start.  I’ve known about it for 5 weeks, I have 3 weeks to go.  I hope to break ground on it on Thursday.  Hopefully I can regain my focus, but that paper for Environmental Science is way more enticing lol

That’s it for tonight, I’m tired and finally think it’s time to go to sleep.  I was just so excited about my paper that I had to share it with you.. and Facebook.. and maybe even Twitter, I haven’t decided on that yet though lol.  Night all!


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4 thoughts on “Got My Paper Back

  1. That is awesome!!! As I was reading that thinking about my own English teacher it saddens me that they don’t teach basic concepts of English at our local schools. They don’t know beyond subject, predacit, etc. They don’t know prepasistional phrases (excuse my spelling, my eyes are barely open) They only teach the basics and now they’ve stopped teaching cursive writing citing its no longer of use in today’s world!! Awesome job though, very proud to read it!!


    1. Andre was taught the same basics I was, but he learned in North Carolina. However, he hasn’t been taught cursive since he’s been here. He is 15 years old and his cursive is horrific. At least he can read it, apparently no one else he knows can.


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