gellie beans – Product Review

UPDATE 11/27/13:  I see that GellieBeans has posted a comment and that their website is back up again.  So if you need GellieBeans products and Hautelook doesn’t have them available go to

UPDATE 10/01/13:  I was told by a reader that the gelliebeans website is closed.  I don’t know if that is a permanent thing or not, but for the time being the gelliebeans site is closed.  Keep a watch on for gelliebeans I saw it pretty recently on there, it could be back.

Just so you know, Hautelook is a Nordstrom outlet website.  So about a month ago HauteLook had gellie beans on their site for sale.  The sale price was about half the regular price so I figured, what the hell and got it.  The only issue I have with HauteLook is how ridiculously slow the shipping is, the prices are usually almost worth the wait.  Anyway…

IMG_0005I purchased the LED light, the Candy Jar, and 4 gel polish colors.  A glittery gray called sparkles, sparkles!, a red called my heart bleeds for you, a blue called blueberry jam, and a black called black licorice.  So far I’ve used the sparkles, sparkles!  LOVE IT!  Usually I used nail polish and the next day they are already chipping and all messed up.  I’m on day 3 of the gellie beans and I can honestly say they looked like I just did them.

I bought them because it says on the site that it would last for up to 2 weeks.  I wanted to prove them wrong.  Any nail color that lasts me more than a day of looking freshly done, is already pretty high on my list, if it lasts a week I’ll be friggin ecstatic.  2 weeks?  I’ll never buy another nail polish again other than this.

The bad news #1 is, it’s mad expensive.  This whole kit plus 4 colors cost me just over a $100.  That was still about 50% off, so that tells you just how expensive it is.  Bad news #2, the bottles of polish are mad small.  0.13 fl oz.  However, you don’t use very much at any given time.  The instructions say thin coats and it means it.  It took me about an hour to do my nails from beginning to end, however I’m slow and I was watching tv so it may take you a shorter amount of time.


According to the GellieBeans site, the polish is $12 a bottle, I believe I paid $6.  That’s crazy.  I believe I paid $27 for the candy jar, it’s listed on their site for $59.  I paid $29 for the mini LED lite, they have it listed on the site for $70.  Like I said mad expensive.  So you’ll have to decide how important nice nails is to you and if in the long run you’ll save money going to the nail shop if you had this at home.  If you subscribe to Hautelook’s website, they will send you a daily email with the daily deals in it.  If they get gellie beans again, you’ll know sometimes a day in advance.  Just be prepared to wait for it.

But like I said any polish that I can use and it will last me more than a day, I’m already a happy camper.  If you decide to get it, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS.  You will definitely need the LED light to cure the polish between steps, and I still stood in front of the fan for a few minutes just to make sure it was dry between steps.

I’m happy!

Updated 10/04/13.  For those of you that have lost your instructions:

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 1.48.25 PM

To change your manicure:

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 1.48.30 PM

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15 thoughts on “gellie beans – Product Review

  1. Can you use the gelliebeans polish with harmony gelish polish? and does it have to be an LED light or is UV light ok?


    1. I have never used Harmony polish, so I have no idea. However, I do know you have to use the LED light. I do not believe it works with a UV light. Sorry I can’t be of more help.


  2. just wondering if you still use and enjoy them and how long they last for im a new mom with not a lot of time to always be doing my nails and reg. nail polish doesn’t hold up long on my nails with out chipping


    1. I still use gelliebeans and I still like it very much. You can usually get a week to two weeks worth of wear out of the gelliebeans polish before it starts to chip. I have paper thin nails and so I use it to keep my nails from breaking. I typically use it when I know I will have a busy week. Too busy to have to stop to take off nail polish that has begun to chip. gelliebeans is on sale today at Hautelook btw.


    1. Sorry it took me so long to respond. I would normally send you toward the website for the instructions, however the site is currently closed. So I’ll post them here.

      Step 1: Coat your nail with primer.
      Step 2: Apply Rock Bottom Base and then cure for 30 seconds under your LED light.
      Step 3: Apply Polish and then cure for 30 seconds. Repeat if desired for more pop of color.
      Step 4: Apply Hard Candy Shell and then cure for 45 seconds.
      Step 5: Wipe each nail with no sticky finish on a lint-free wipe to remove any uncured gel polish.

      I’ll also post a photo at the bottom of this blog of a photo I took of the actual side of my Candy Jar box. Hope this helps!


  3. My kit just arrived. I also bought it on Hautelook which I am officially addicted to. Thank you for your review! I am very excited to try it!


    1. That must be a recent thing. That sucks, but everything was really expensive anyway. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll update the blog when I have a chance.


      1. Welcome back! I literally just tossed my gelliebeans boxes yesterday. I figured I didn’t need to hold on to the kit boxes because your company was gone. Glad to see I was wrong.


  4. I bought this too from Haute and just got it today – so agree with you on the slow shipping! Just did my nails – took me 40-45 minutes tops. The jars of polish are so tiny – that was disappointing. Also, not sure why, but my nails are not super shiny and I did follow all the steps, including the last one about wiping them down. Was just googling that when I ran across your blog. Thanks for sharing!


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