Semester 2 Week 1

Last week I was supposed to go out with the camera and take some photos for you guys, but I never quite made it out of this damn house.  I cleaned something in here every day and then by the end of the week all I wanted to do was lay in front of the tv and watch the movies I’ve stockpiled on DVR.  I had like 10 movies on there plus my regularly scheduled programming.  So sorry, my week off turned out to be just that… a week off.

This week, well, it was interesting.  I didn’t log into my online class til Tuesday.  The new online instructor wanted a paper by today, Saturday, and I still had to do the online discussion.  I hate the online discussions.  Especially since half of the people in the class apparently don’t know proper English, nor do they know how to spell.  Reading that crap drives me bonkers.  I loath those damn discussions.

I started night classes this semester as well.  Not a fan.  Only because it’s really screwing with the little sleep I’m already getting.  Also, I’M THE ONLY GIRL.  I was standing with the other guys outside of the classroom, then suddenly one of the guys looks at me and more or less asks me why I was there.  Apparently most of them had never had a girl in the class and a couple of them had but apparently that one girl had either dropped out or graduated so I’m it for the CIS program.  Lone woman.  Damn.

So my first night class was OS-Server.  Servers scare me.  The book scares me.  I swear it’s not in English lol.  I may or may not be around much.  Something tells me I’ll be doing a lot more studying this semester than I did last semester.  Not to mention I’ll have a lot more reading to do this semester.  We started off with almost 200 pages worth of reading, and that was just for the night classes, I still had to read 38 pages for my online classes.  Just talking about it makes me want a nap.

My second night class is Hardware.  Not that scary really.  I know basic hardware and I pick up things like that relatively quickly.  So I should be okay.  But I have the same teacher for both classes and he’s kind of intimidating and he makes me nervous.  He’s like this super nerd, down to the greasy hair and dirty glasses, and he seems nice enough, but he still makes me nervous.  I’m gonna have to get used to him, I’ll have him for most of my tech classes.  Nice 😐

I’ll try to do my weekly updates, but it will probably only be on the weekend, and that’s if I get my online stuff done before then.  Looks like my Oral Communications teacher wants a paper a week.  I knew I should have taken English Comp instead.

Okay, that’s all for now.  I got some reading to do then off to the store to get some stuff for dinner.  Have  a great weekend you guys!


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