End of Week 6 Beginning of Week 7

DSC_0010Week 6 is over.  Tomorrow starts the beginning of Week 7.  It was a fairly unproductive school week.  We’re halfway through the semester and at least in one class we’ve started final projects.  We’re really ahead of the syllabus in Computer Apps.  With 6 weeks to go our teacher has decided to teach us Access and Outlook.  Lets see how she manages to stretch those two subjects into a 6 week course when Excel, PowerPoint, and Word only took 6 total.  My grade for that class is currently a 98%.

We have an end of chapter test tomorrow in Algebra, keep your fingers crossed for me will ya.  My grade for that class is currently 109%.

We also start research papers for my online class this week.  We are going to do it in sections over 6 weeks apparently.  Each week we turn in a section and we have to turn it all in as one complete final draft at the end of the semester.  I had my final quiz this week.  I didn’t do so good, but it’s okay, at least I passed.  My grade for this class is currently a 96.47%.  I write it like that because they don’t round-up… that’s my grade.

Last week we got quite a bit of snow, so my son had 2 snow days.  My husband had one.  I was just happy not to have to drive with the psycho’s Thursday and Friday.  I did venture out on Saturday.  The roads were nice for the most part.  I ventured down to the Paint Mines to see how it looks all snowed over.  The road to the Paint Mines will probably require me getting an alignment.  The winds were really high so I didn’t make it past the highest point of the trail before the decent down into the valley of the mines.  I’ll try again on another day.  I did get a couple of photos, apparently the snow didn’t really settle down in that area like it did the rest.  I stepped off the trail by accident, not realizing, and I was knee-deep in snow.  William had to drag me out of the hole… it’s funny now, not so much during or when he stepped on me… I also tweaked my wrist a little, trying to pull myself out, but I’m okay today.  Anyway, here’s a photo.


It’s kinda pretty but this photo doesn’t do it justice.  Anyway… nothing else is going on.  Slow week.  I like slow weeks.  I’m off to work on Part 1 of my Computer Apps final project and to study for my test.  Y’all have a wonderful week.


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