Week 5… Done!

Okay so last week I left y’all and I was kinda down in the dumps about missing part of my last assignment.  That is done and over with.  I emailed my professor and asked for an extension, which she gave me.  Even though I asked for partial credit, she gave me full credit and I am back on top again :).

This week in computer apps we started Excel, I LOVE EXCEL!!!  So far I’m ahead and since I don’t go back to class til Wednesday, (Thx Abe!) I may read the next chapter and do the spreadsheets that are assigned and get them turned in.  She doesn’t appear to have a problem with us working ahead.  Oh and before I forget…. I got William to help me, but I finished and turned in my research paper.  I got a 100% Yea me! 🙂 (and William) Say what you want to about William, but he finished English II a few months ago and graduated and after seeing what he went through writing his last research paper I knew he would be of great help to me, explaining what I should and shouldn’t do.  Took some of the pressure off as well.

This week my Comp professor was telling us a story about a class that she had to sub.  She said one of the guys in the class had no formal keyboarding training and typed one fingered.  She said it practically drove her mad.  She said she was looking at him work and saying to herself, there is no way you’d be able to keep up in my day class.  And she’s right… we are 3 weeks ahead according to the syllabus.  She promised us she’d teach us Access if we had enough time, we are making sure she has enough time.  (It’s not on our syllabus)  I don’t know what we will do with the rest of the time at the end.

Math went well this week.  We were doing graphs… slopes, etc.  It is pretty easy and I turned in my homework this week without breaking into tears.  I got a friend of mines to go over my work, looks like I may get another hundred 🙂  I’ve even been able to help Andre with his homework this week, he’s doing the same thing.  You may not be excited for me, but I damn sure am lol.

This weeks grades as they currently stand, Comp Apps, 98% (I missed two questions on this weeks test), Col Alg 107%, Strategies 100%.  We are almost half way into the semester.  I’m looking forward to math being over… but I’m hesitant to find out what next semesters classes will be.

Have a wonderful weekend guys!  We are all home on Monday, so I plan to get some sleep for a change.  School is giving me dark circles LOL.


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One thought on “Week 5… Done!

  1. Access is a great program. It’s been too many years since I’ve opened it though. I hope you get a chance to explore it a bit.


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