Almost End of Week Three

ClickHandler.ashxAnd I’m tired.  Typically today would be the end of another school week for me, especially taking into account the time.  But I’m in denial.  I’m tired.  So I didn’t do my online class today, and I have a research paper I have to start.  Maybe this evening.  For now, I’m tired.

Instead I opted to do some cleaning.  Linen, laundry, vacuuming, and since Lucy decided it was time for me to wash the slip covers on the couches, that too.  She’s been a little iffy about her food.  I tried switching her to a canned food, which she typically doesn’t like, and it upset her stomach, all over my couch.  I pulled off the slip covers washed them and cleaned a spot on the carpet.  The living room looks orderly again.  I’ve retreated and brushed my boots (it snowed the other day and I wore my Bear Paws out instead of my Uggs which were made for the snow).  I’ve loaded the dishwasher and cleaned the counters… I’m pretty done cleaning.  Andre gets to clean the kitchen/dining room floors this week.

Anyone with cats got any suggestions.  Her Vet had told me to continue to feed her hard food even though she has very few teeth left… so I did.  However, lately, she doesn’t want it.  So I switched her over to canned food, which is hard because she is picky and really doesn’t like it.  And the few that she has taken a liking too are just too expensive for me to buy regularly.  She likes the organic $1.99 a tiny can stuff.  Her needing to eat three of those a day is just not doable.

So today, I put out dry food and fresh water.  I gave her a few slices of turkey this morning which she ate without a problem.  I may have to start cooking her chicken til she gets over this hump.  Guess I’ll do some research and see what’s best.

Maybe tonight I will do my reading for my online class.  Tomorrow I can do my class discussion and my individual work.  But for now, I’m just tired.  I truthfully would rather be asleep right now, but If I’m not going to do school I really should be cleaning something.  William has been awesome about helping me stay on top of the housework, but I feel really guilty that I’m sitting on the couch pulling my hair out over homework (did I mention I hate math?) while he’s cleaning the house.  He shouldn’t have to come home from work just to do housework because I have homework.

Okay, that’s it for this week, I haven’t done much.  Just wanted to update you.  My grades currently are… Computer Apps, 99%.  College Algebra 100%.  Strategies for Success 100%.  I have a big math test on Monday, so please keep your fingers crossed that I do well.  Bye for now guys!


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2 thoughts on “Almost End of Week Three

  1. You are doing awesome, Sunshine! And you shouldn’t feel guilty about William having to help out around the house. What you are doing will not only benefit you, but william and Andre as well! They should both be helping you when needed! Keep up the great work! I am very proud of you!!


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