I really should be asleep, but my brain turned on prematurely.  Surely you know how that is.

I was thinking about a special phone conversation I had last night.  And also about the fact that I hadn’t blogged anything about this special person as of yet.  So here goes.

Flashback to May 2010.  I had been researching the family tree, and I discovered an active number on Ancestry.  It was to an Aunt…. the wife of my Mother’s Brother.  I called an my life changed.  I found out I had a brother and that my Mother had died.  Along the way I called another Aunt, though not that night, and discovered that I had another brother who was younger than I am.

Well, for the last year I’ve been researching my tree, as usual.  I kept running across this photo of a woman with my Mother’s name, that looked like she could have been a mature version of the woman whose picture I keep in my office.  My Mother.  One day in early August I decided to click on this picture to see it larger.  When I did this, I recognized the name of the person that had posted it.  It was indeed my mother, and the poster was my baby brother.

Needless to say I’m quite the researcher when I wanna be.  I messaged him through Ancestry, but I never got a response and since it looked like he hadn’t logged in in almost a year I decided to look for him thru other avenues.  I Googled him.  lol

I got an address, so I picked a cute card from the box and I sat down to write him a letter.  I actually wrote snail mail, that had to be illegal on some level lol.  Anyway….It took a little over a month, but we finally got in contact with one another.  We chatted, he talks as much as I do so we cut each other off a lot.  I put him in contact with a brother of our Mother’s and our other brother and I went to bed.  Though not before adding him to my Facebook page.

I often wondered had my Mother spoken of me.  Apparently she didn’t when she had all her faculties in check.  She mentioned when she got sicker to her nurse that she had 2 other children.  It’s not what I’d hoped for, that she’d thought of me, spoken of me, even looked for me, but it’s something.  They disregarded it as being the medicine talking.  But in fact there are two more of us.  And now we all are linked together again.

Where will this go?  Who knows.  Maybe we can just be an open link to one other.  Maybe we’ll eventually become like family, but whatever the future holds for the three of us, at least we have a say in the matter now.

That’s it for now, I’ve got a Facebook page to organize now that I’m on an actual computer.  I hate the Facebook iPad app, have I ever mentioned that before?  Everyone have a great weekend.  I know I will :).


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2 thoughts on “Morning

    1. Not sure we will be meeting. I’ve texted him since then and I’ve gotten no reply. He has spoken to our brother though. So I guess I’m okay with getting snubbed lol.


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